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Trier Cathedral – Revived from ruins

You are standing in front of Trier Cathedral. What did it look like in the Middle Ages? Depends on the date. In the year 882 you would have faced a ruin. Because the Normans had almost completely destroyed the old church. It was rebuild in 1030 thanks to Archbishop Poppo. He wanted to reclaim power for the diocese of Trier and strengthen its position within the Holy Roman Empire.

Walk-in lexicon of architectural history

Today Trier Cathedral is a walk-in lexicon of architectual history. Because here you will find all styles in one spot, from Antiquity to the present. If that’s not your cup of tea, try a safari instead. Because numerous animals made of stone are hiding here. On top of fish, birds and foxes you may discover extraordinary creatures like dragons or devils.

Treasures of Trier

The Cathedral’s Treasury invites you to discover more. It boasts an impressive collection, from ivory carvings to the cap of St. Simeon.

The Museum at the Cathedral is also worth a visit for all fans of medieval and modern art.

Would you like to discover the medieval history of Trier? Then you have to begin with the Romans. Why? Because in the city of Trier Antiquity and the Middle Ages form a unique union.

Various places tell a story about how those two eras are intertwined. Like Trier Cathedral or the Porta Nigra. Even St. Maximin’s Abbey has antique roots. It was built on a christian cemetery from Roman times. Besides Trier, the Roman mine in Meurin and Lorsch Abbey both highlight the connection between the Middle Ages and the Classical Period.

Be it antique or medieval, a stroll through the streets of Trier can sharpen your awareness for the fact that the stones still tell their stories of power and change today. One of them is the market cross in the city centre. It was erected in 958 by Archbishop Henry to mark the occasion that Trier had received the right to hold a regular market.

Exhibition in the Treasury

Would you like to learn more about Trier in the Middle Ages? Visit the treasury of the city library. The exhibition “The knowledge of the World – Life in the times of the medieval emperors” presents medieval sources and manuscripts. It offers a chance to deepen your understanding of the Middle Ages and the  pillars of power that supported the emperor.

Trier Cathedral

Liebfrauenstraße 12

54290 Trier

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